BuscoPhylo : Busco-based phylogenomics analysis tool

In the era of Big data in genomics, thousands of genome sequences of living organisms are released in the public databases such as GenBank.
BuscoPhylo has been implemented to provide a fully automated and complete pipeline to quickly perform BUSCO-based phylogenomic analysis starting from assembled genome sequences as inputs. The BuscoPhylo is a free, on-line and user-friendly webserver accepting genome sequences in fasta format as inputs and enabling to the user to export the tree ready for publication and all the results of the steps included in the pipeline for downstream analyses.

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  • 06 February 2023 | BuscoPhylo API now available on PyPI for easy installation and integration into your workflow
  • 06 December 2022 | BuscoPhylo uses the current stable version of BUSCO v5.4.3!
  • 17 October 2022 | The paper of BuscoPhylo is published, please cite: Sahbou, A.-E.; Iraqi, D.; Mentag, R.; Khayi, S. BuscoPhylo: A Webserver for Busco-Based Phylogenomic Analysis for Non-Specialists. Sci Rep 2022, 12, 17352, doi:10.1038/s41598-022-22461-0.


If you have any suggestions, feedback and bug reports, please contact us at slimane.khayi@inra.ma or use the contact form on the website.